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Duo Pock IT Sharpener

Always sharp knives redefined!

The 2-in-1 knife sharpener

The IOXIO® Duo Pock IT Sharpener combines a ceramic pull-through sharpener and ceramic sharpening rod in one knife sharpener.

Whether for outdoor use or in the kitchen, the Duo Pock IT Sharpener keeps your pocket knives, small kitchen knives and tools sharp.

Thanks to its size, it fits in any pocket or drawer. Sharpening your blades has never been so uncomplicated and easy! Guide the blade to be sharpened through the pull-through sharpener for quick sharpening results or use the sharpening rod for precise fine work.

Sharp Guide

Always sharpen at the right angle

The grinding aid for sharpening rods

The unique IOXIO SHARP GUIDE sharpening aid.Sharpening has never been so easy, available in three different angles. For perfect sharpening success.

  • protects your knives from scratches
  • perfect complement to IOXIO sharpening rods
  • angle between blade and sharpening rod

Knife sharpener Fix

Simply sharpen safely

The fixed focus for beginners

Is sharpening an art or a craft? A passion, or simply a duty? How you approach the subject is as individual as you are. But there is one thing that no kitchen should be without, and that is the right knife sharpness. With blunt knives, too much pressure has to be exerted, which increases the risk of injury due to slipping. Many everyday knives are made of softer metal and therefore dull more quickly. Regular knife sharpening is therefore also important for beginners and ambitious amateur chefs. Our IOXIO FIX knife sharpener makes it easy to get started with knife sharpening.

Support your city

Dealer search

If you would like to find a local specialist dealer near you, use our specialist dealer search.

Local specialist retailers in particular are very important, which is why we at "IOXIO" want to draw attention to our local stars.

In a world where mass production and fast pace are often the norm, there are local speciality retailers who keep the tradition of craftsmanship alive.

These specialist retailers have the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure your knives are always sharp as a razor. Whether it's kitchen knives, hunting knives or pocket knives, they know how to get the right sharpness without damaging the knife. Buying from local speciality retailers also has the benefit of supporting the local economy. You are helping to create jobs and keep the craft alive. In addition, our specialist retailers offer high-quality products and services.

High Tech Ceramic Rieser GmbH is a leading manufacturer of ceramic abrasives for knives and care products in the beauty sector. Our production takes place in Europe and combines machine support with manual work. We concentrate on the manufacture of ceramic and plastic products. Our aim is to produce high-quality and sustainable products. IOXIO® sharpening rods, knife sharpeners, foot rasps and nail files are characterized by functionality, design and sustainability. IOXIO® is our official brand, developed directly by the manufacturer for your home.