Welcome to IOXIO®!

Here you will find an exclusive selection of our high-quality ceramic products, which offer you the best in terms of sharpness, precision and functionality. Browse through our range and discover the many ways to upgrade your kitchen and optimize your personal care routine.

Our product range includes:

  • Ceramic sharpening rods: Our ceramic sharpening rods are perfect for keeping your kitchen knives in peak condition. With their precise grain and durability, they ensure long-lasting sharpness and optimum edge retention. Ceramic knife sharpener: For an even more intensive knife sharpening, we offer you our ceramic knife sharpener. With their efficient sharpening system and easy handling, they bring your knives to a new level of sharpness in no time at all.
  • Ceramic nail files: Our ceramic nail files have been specially developed for gentle and precise nail care. They enable exact filing without damaging the nail and ensure perfectly manicured nails.
  • Ceramic foot rasps: Pamper your feet with our ceramic foot rasps. It effectively removes dead skin and calluses, but leaves no skin residue and ensures silky smooth results.
  • Multifunctional scissors: Our multifunctional scissors are true all-rounders in the kitchen. They enable precise cutting, crushing of herbs and opening of packages. Versatile and extremely efficient. Fruit and vegetable knives:
  • Our high-quality fruit and vegetable knives give you maximum control and allow for effortless slicing and peeling. With their sharp blades and optimal balance, they are perfectly tailored to the needs of fruit and vegetable lovers. Visit our webshop to learn more about each individual product and to choose your favourites.

At IOXIO® we attach great importance to quality, performance and customer satisfaction. Discover the innovation and excellence of our ceramic products and see how they can make your daily tasks easier and improve your results.