About IOXIO®

The brand


A family business

IOXIO was founded by Udo Rieser under the name High Tech Ceramic e.K. as a German manufacturer of ceramic and plastic household items. All our products are developed in Wiesbaden and manufactured from high-quality European raw materials. Our own production is now based in the Czech Republic. Our products are developed and manufactured for quality and durability.

Our products are developed and manufactured with the aim of longevity, quality, pleasure and ease in the kitchen and personal hygiene.

1st generation

The search for the right sharpener

How it all began

Udo Rieser was active in the knife and scissors sector and his product range included "Rieser knives" and steel goods, which were of course "Made in Solingen". The development of Solingen steelware was already moving towards the processing of increasingly hard steel. He was soon faced with the problem that his conventional knife sharpeners were no longer durable. In order to expand his range, Udo Rieser began developing the first ceramic sharpening rods at the beginning of the 1980s. Knife sharpeners "harder than steel" was his goal. He remembered that his grandmother used to sharpen her knives with the underside of plates. The untreated side of ceramic plates had no glaze and was therefore the perfect material for sharpening blunt knives. It was therefore obvious that his development would move towards ceramic sharpening rods. Oxide ceramics are much harder than steel and at the same time a natural product made of sintered ceramic. These two criteria resulted in the first ceramic sharpening rods.

The breakthrough

Gold medal

The Geneva Inventors' Fair

Udo Rieser developed the world's first ceramic knife sharpeners, nail files and foot rasps.
He achieved his breakthrough at the Inventors' Knives in Geneva. In 1988, he was awarded the gold medal for a ceramic knife sharpener at the Inventors' Fair in Geneva.

Original sharpening roll:

The original Rieser ceramic sharpening roll. The knife blade is sharpened by the movement in the ceramic profile of the sharpening roller. The optimum angle for sharpening blunt knives is achieved by the patented ceramic profile of the knife sharpener. It is extremely easy to use. A rolling motion makes the sharpening roller ideal for hobby and professional chefs for a good and safe sharpening of high-quality kitchen knives.

Since then, Udo Rieser and his team have been producing durable sharpening systems and care products for the private label sector.
Thanks to their quality and innovative designs, the Rieser team is still the market leader today.

The success of the sharpening roll leads to numerous patents and registered designs in the following years in the categories:

  • Sharpening systems
  • foot care
  • Nail care

Family-owned company

IOXIO in second generation

With passion and joy

IOXIO is a family-run company in its second generation. After 18 years of experience in the family business, Nadine Rieser took over High Tech Ceramic e.K. from her father Udo Rieser in 2020.

She was born with a passion for producing high-quality knife sharpeners, foot rasps and nail files. From an early age, she accompanied her father, company founder and inventor Udo Rieser, into the production halls. Infected by his enthusiasm for producing innovative sanding products, she was fascinated to learn about the production process step by step. Encouraged to take on small tasks here and there, she realised her dream of working in the family business one day.

She has been with the company for more than 21 years now, combining her passion for the good life and good food with her goal of making our customers happy with products that simply make life better. Together with the creative minds of the IOXIO team, we are always looking for new ways to develop products that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. From professionals, amateur chefs or beginners in the kitchen to amateur anglers, hunters or even blacksmiths, we have the right tool for them all. And we remain true to our philosophy of manufacturing innovative products of the highest quality and durability.