We pride ourselves on offering you the finest ceramic sharpening rods for your kitchen knives. With our high-quality ceramic technology and years of experience, we have developed products that lead in terms of sharpness and performance. Our ceramic sharpening rods are characterized by their hardness, durability and effectiveness. Thanks to their precise grit, they enable a gentle and even grinding movement that gently sharpens your knife blades and ensures exceptional edge retention.

Unsafe with a sharpening rod- IOXIO® Sharp Guide

The sharpening aid IOXIO® Sharp Guide is the simple solution for learning or improving the perfect sharpening with a sharpening rod.

  • Guides the knife over the sharpening rod at a constant angle

  • Protects against scratches caused by misuse

  • Perfect addition for inexperienced and insecure cooks

The IOXIO® Sharp Guide is available in the following angles:

  • Sharp Guide 30° for knives with a cutting angle of 30° (grinding angle 15°)
  • Sharp Guide 35° for knives with a cutting angle of 35° (grinding angle 17.5°)
  • Sharp Guide 40° for knives with a cutting angle of 40° (grinding angle 20°)
IOXIO® Sharpening range

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