Udo Rieser was already developing knives at the end of the 70s. Known as "Rieser Messer" from Solingen, these were successfully distributed by him and his partners. 50 years later, "Rieser knives" return to the IOXIO® range as the "Tradition" series. With unique olive wood handles we offer small kitchen knives made of stainless molybdenum or carbon steel. Of course, the production takes place in the german headquarter of knives. Tradition knives are Made in Solingen.

Buying a good kitchen knife? The best way is to consult your local dealer or look online on our pages. At our dealers you can also test many knives yourself.

FAQ & Know How

What are the disadvantages of rusting knives?
Knives made of carbon steel are extremely sharp because the blade is machined with when cutting acidic foods. This gives them a longer edge retention and due to their higher Rockwell hardness. The re-sharpening turns out to be very simple.

What are the disadvantages of rusting knives?
Rusting knife blades contain more iron and are more susceptible to rust. Over time, a patina develops. Modern carbon steel knives can give food a metallic taste.

What is the advantage of stainless knives?

The blade still shines after years, there is no patina development as with knives made of carbon steel. Stainless chef's knives are more difficult to rust. When cutting acidic foods, stainless high knives are tasteless

Was ist der Nachteil von rostfreien Messern?

Less sharp than carbon knives. Lower edge retention, due to their lower steel hardness compared to rusting knives. Thus, more frequent resharpening is necessary.

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