Know How

Know How

Which sharpening rod is the right one?

Choosing the right sharpening steel

When selecting the sharpening rod, the grit must be taken into account. The higher the grit number, the finer the grinding steel. We at IOXIO® differentiate between the grains by different colors.

Do you need help with the right sharpening with a sharpening rod?

Then try our sharpening aid IOXIO® Sharp Guide.
It helps you sharpen your knives and protects the blade from accidental scratches caused by misuse.

Grinding aid Sharp Guide for cutting angle 30° grind 15°

Sharpening aid for sharpening steels: IOXIO® Sharp Guide

The simple solution to learning or improving the perfect sharpening steel edge..

  • Constant angle between blade and sharpening rod when sharpening
  • Protects your steel knife blade from scratches caused by misuse
  • Perfect addition for inexperienced and insecure cooks

Fits round sharpening rods with a diameter of 13.5mm and 14mm and knife blades up to 3mm thick

What grinding aids are there?

  • Sharp Guide 30° for knives with a cutting angle of 30° (grinding angle 15°)
  • Sharp Guide 35° for knives with a cutting angle of 35° (grinding angle 17.5°)
  • Sharp Guide 40° for knives with a cutting angle of 40° (grinding angle 20°)

Sharpening knives correctly - angle guide: Sharp Guide

Sharpening blunt knives

IOXIO Sharpening Steel Blue

Grit F360/J800


Japanese knives, damascus steel knives, carbon steel knives, fine tuning, knife lovers

IOXIO sharpening rod Origin

Grit: None - pure Al2O3

professional use

Regular re-sharpening, fine grinding, Damascus steel, carbon steel and Japanese knives

IOXIO Sharpening Steel White

Grit F1000/J3000


Japanese knives, Damascus steel knives, carbon steel knives, fine grinding

IOXIO Sharpening Steel Ultrafine

Grit F1300/J4200

very fine