Foot rasps

Remove callus from your feet quickly and easily with a foot rasp. Thanks to medical oxide ceramics, IOXIO® foot rasps are more hygienic pumice and gentler than traditional callus planes. Private use is also child's play with two different care stones to achieve a professional result. With the coarse side you can quickly and easily remove calluses from your feet. With the fine side you smooth and close your feet. The unique feature of our callus removers with IOXIO® ceramic is the hygienic and efficient solution. The closed Surface inhibits the formation of bacteria. Developed in Germany - manufactured in the European Union.

A good foot rasp buy cheap? It's best to buy from your local retailer or directly online from the manufacturer.

Extra tip: For extra soft feet, use your foot rasp after the bath under running water.

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Foot Rasps FAQ & Know How

How do I clean a foot rasp?

It is best to clean a foot rasp under running water immediately after use.
Foot rasps made of ceramic are waterproof and have a closed surfaces without open pores in dennen impurities settle. Exactly therefore are foot rasps from ceramic on for Diabethiker suitably. Also the handles from high-quality plastic are absolutely waterproof.

A ceramic callus remover is not made of filter ceramic, pumice stone or open-pored ceramic. The products mentioned are leaky, porous stones or abrasives in which not only water but also skin particles can penetrate. It is not possible to remove the skin residues from the open stones without leaving a residue. Thus, hygiene is also no longer guaranteed.

Are ceramic foot rasps suitable for diabetics?

Not all ceramic foot rasps are suitable for diabetics. Thanks to our specially designed non-porous stones, our products are suitable for diabetics.

After use, wash off your foot rasp. As a rule, you wash off the foot rasp after use. Basically, you should make sure that the handle is absolutely waterproof. If this is not given, old water collects in the handle over time and bacteria can thus multiply. With ceramic rasps, the stones should also be absolutely waterproof. With leaky, porous stones or abrasives penetrates not only water, but also skin particles in the pores, the hygiene is thus no longer guaranteed, since the large-pored surface can not be cleaned without residue. Unlike porous stones, the skin particles can be removed from the waterproof ceramic stones of the IOXIO foot rasps without leaving any residue.

For control, you can perform the so-called drop test: Leave the wet foot rasp in place. If a drop of water seeps through, the stone is porous, if the drop remains on the surface, the stone is waterproof.

What should I look for when buying a foot plane?
For ceramic rasps, the stones should be absolutely waterproof as well as the handle. You can perform the so-called drop test: if a drop of water seeps, the stone is porous, if the drop remains on the surface, it is waterproof. In case of leaky, porous stones or abrasives, not only water but also skin particles penetrate into the pores, hygiene is no longer guaranteed. Unlike porous stones, the skin particles can be removed from the waterproof ceramic stones of IOXIO foot rasps without residue.

Why do foot rasps have two different care stones?

Ceramic foot rasps combine the benefits of two grooming stones in one product. The coarse side can be used to effortlessly remove calluses, while the fine side can be used to beautifully smooth and visually close the feet. So you easily achieve a professional result.

Remove callus with 2 sides of foot rasp

Can I cut myself with ceramic foot rasps?
Ceramic foot rasps consist of two securely attached grooming stones. It is not possible to cut them.

Can I take care of my own feet?
Yes, due to the ergonomic handle, easy handling is guaranteed. Many of our IOXIO ceramic foot rasps have a built-in anti-slip rubber in the handle, for safe use under water.

How do I clean my foot rasp?
You usually wash the foot rasp under running water after use. You can also use a nail brush to clean the stones easily under running water.

Why foot rasps?

Foot rasps are more ergonomic and have hygienic ceramic care stones. They have been developed together with medical chiropodists to achieve a very good, caring and skin-friendly result.

What is the best way to remove callus?

A foot bath softens the callus. Afterwards, you remove the callus best with a foot rasp:
  1. Pour a dash of organic lemon juice into a bowl and add lukewarm water.
  2. Bathe your feet in it for 5 to 10 minutes to soften the corn skin. Do not soak your feet for too long. The skin should not be shriveled during the pedicure.
  3. With a foot rasp you can remove the callus. To do this, gently rub the heel. Use first the coarse side and then the fine side.

Pedicure Tip: Cream your feet afterwards with a foot cream. This guarantees you an extra feel-good effect with soft feet.

Remove callus with foot rasp