On the green side of life – Entwicklung zur Nachhaltigkeit

High Tech Ceramic Rieser GmbH
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On the green side of life – Entwicklung zur Nachhaltigkeit - On the green side of life – Entwicklung zur Nachhaltigkeit

As a family-owned small business, sustainability and environmental protection are close to our hearts. IOXIO stands for a green product philosophy where we focus on the production of high quality and highly durable sharpening and other household tools. We make an effort to resource our raw materials carefully and from certified EU-suppliers only. The production in the heart of Europe in a machine supported manufacture with small batches and recycled materials helps to reduce waste. We want to do our part for a more sustainable and circular economy.

producing in the heart of Europe
IOXIO is Made in the EU. Producing in our own manufacture enables a more personal approach and oversight of the production and supply chains. Regional production as ours also means shorter transport routes and climate-friendly shipping.
managing the supply chain
At IOXIO we are aware of our role and responsibility in creating a sustainable and transparent supply chain. That is why we carefully screen suppliers and source raw materials according to EU-regulations. All raw materials we use to produce IOXIO sharpening and household tools conform to the REACH EU-regulation. Additionally, we only work with certified EU suppliers.
our product philosophy
Our product philosophy is to create long-lasting high-quality sharpening and household tools. IOXIO produces in a machine supported manufacture in small batches. This allows for a flexible production which reduces waste and saves resources.
producing durable is sustainable
IOXIO stands for 10x10 = 100% quality. While sharpening steel or diamond coated sharpening rods show wear and tear, the use of High Tech Ceramic ensures IOXIO sharpening rods and knife sharpeners never lose their abrasiveness. The high durability and efficiency of our tools also saves resources and prolongs the value chain.
packing and recycling sustainably
As a family-owned business IOXIO stands for an efficient and responsible use of resources. The circular economy using innovative recycling procedures is also becoming more important. That is why recycling materials are added in the production. We also ship our products sustainably with 100% recycled package fillings.
Working smart is working green
In awareness of our social responsibility for more climate and environmental protection we at IOXIO aim to create efficient and sustainable work processes. From resource saving production Made in the EU with short transport routes and climate-friendly shipping to the use of digital so.