NEW! IOXIO® Tradition Knives - Made in Solingen

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2020-09-02 08:47:00 / / Comments 0
NEW! IOXIO® Tradition Knives - Made in Solingen - IOXIO® Traditon Knife series

IOXIO starts its own knife series: Tradition. From mid-September we offer knives with real olive wood handles made of molybdenum steel as well as carbon steel. Made in Solingen. The quality is convincing.

Back to the roots.
At the end of the 70s Udo Rieser developed his own knives and scissors under the name "Rieser Messer". The "Rieser knives" were of course "Made in Solingen" and were successfully distributed by him personally and his partners. In order to optimize his range of products, Udo Rieser began in the early 80s with the development of the first ceramic sharpening rods, from which numerous patents and protective rights have arisen.

50 years later "Rieser knives" returns to the IOXIO range as "Tradition" series. We offer seven different kitchen knives. Matching our premium sharpening rods, our knives have an olive wood handle and a blade made of stainless molybdenum or carbon steel. They are manufactured in the traditional city for knives: Solingen.

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