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A gift from IOXIO is an investment in quality and longevity. Manufactured in Europe, our products not only meet the highest standards. Discover the variety of our knife sharpeners on our homepage, which not only bring joy to the kitchen, but also make a sustainable contribution.


Ceramic rod Olive Duo

Two sharpeners in one

Perfect for hobby chefs and knife lovers

The Olive Wood Duo ceramic sharpening rod from IOXIO® gives knife lovers unique premium sharpness. As an all-rounder, it combines coarse and fine sharpening in one sharpening rod with the white ceramic (F1000/J3000) and the brown ceramic (F360/J800). This sharpening rod is therefore suitable for both high-quality stainless knives and premium knives made from carbon or Damascus steel, for example. Each sharpening rod is unique, handmade with a love of craftsmanship and a handle made from real olive wood. The sharpening rod itself is manufactured from sintered aluminium oxide. This makes IOXIO® ceramic sharpening rods made of solid material harder than sharpening steel and more durable than diamond coatings. For premium sharpness without loss of sharpness.

Ceramic rod White

Combines fine finish and extreme sharpness

For Japanese and European knives

The round White ceramic sharpening rod from IOXIO® optimises the fine grinding of high-quality stainless steel knives. Also ideal for sharpening harder premium knives (Japanese knives, carbon or Damascus steel knives) thanks to its fine grit (F1000/J3000). IOXIO® sharpening rods are made of sintered aluminium oxide and therefore offer a higher material thickness than sharpening steel. The solid material used also offers a longer service life than diamond-coated sharpening alternatives. This gives knife lovers a particularly durable and high-quality sharpening rod.

Sharp Guide

Always sharpen at the right angle

The grinding aid for optimum sharpening results

The Sharp Guide sharpening aid from IOXIO® offers a simple solution to the question of perfect sharpening. It makes it possible to maintain a precise angle when sharpening knives with a sharpening rod. This makes it easy to achieve an optimised sharpening result. It also protects the blade from scratches. The Sharp Guide is available in three different angles of 30, 35 and 40 degrees.

Multi IN Sharpener

Outdoor and craft

Sharper for adventurers and makers

The handy all-rounder Multi IN from IOXIO® offers versatile sharpening options, especially for outdoor enthusiasts and craft fans. The retractable sharpening rod not only sharpens outdoor and hunting knives. It can also be used to easily sharpen carving and specialised tools on the go. The specially shaped sharpening rod tip also allows fishing hooks and needles to be sharpened. The Multi IN also has a pull-through sharpener with smart tapered roller technology. This makes it possible to sharpen knives quickly at home at the ideal sharpening angle, regardless of the knife thickness.

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