Easy sharpening with knife sharpener fix

You have blunt knives - it does not have to be!

With our IOXIO Fix Sharpener you don't need any expert knowledge about knife sharpening, no tutorial or study long instructions for use. The handling is very easy and your knife is sharpened quickly. It does not matter whether your knife is large or small.

Easy handling - easy sharpening

  • Simply place the Fix knife sharpener on the edge of a table so that the crossed ceramic protrudes
  • Hold the blade of your knife in the open intersection and pull through from top to bottom
  • Repeat the sharpening process a few times

Why is knife sharpening with the Fix so easy?

Thanks to its crossed ceramic rods, which are already attached at a preset sharpening angle, all you have to do is pull the knife blade straight through.

The flat handle makes it easy and safe to use. No cramped holding or gripping is necessary. Simply place the handle flat on the edge of the table, fix it with the flat of your hand and pull the knife through in a relaxed manner.

The material of the ceramic rods is perfect for sharpening blunt knives. It allows the metal of the blunt blade to be removed and the blade to be re-sharpened all in one.

All this makes the "Fix" an easy knife sharpener.