New Product: The all-rounder scissor

04.02.2020 12:06

The IOXIO scissors are all-rounders.
Thanks to their ergonomic design, you can effortlessly cut paper, cardboard, flowers, herbs and conveniently open screw caps, bottles and even nuts.
Storage on a magnetic bar is possible.

Thanks to its precisely ground micro-serration in the Oberbeck, it holds the material to be cut securely and thus ensures a clean, uniform and effective cut.

Sustainability and quality
The multi-purpose scissors with multifunction from IOXIO is made of hot-forged stainless INOX steel. It is therefore corrosion-resistant, high quality, stable and extremely sharp.
The scissor eyes are worked without burrs in the edges and are available in colored lacquer or matt. They are perfectly ergonomic in size, so that they can be guided precisely and without fatigue with several fingers.
The scissor blades are screwed together with a stainless steel screw. The scissor path can be precisely adjusted and re-sharpened by a specialist.

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