Grain size to sharp knives

Abrasives are indicated in FEPA or JIS, depending on the region.
Both grain data cannot be treated 1:1.

We decide between:

European Norm F: FEPA

(Fédération Européenne des Fabricants de Produits Abrasifs)

Japanease Norm J: JIS
(Japanese Industrial Standard)

The grain size of the ceramic swell denotes the degree of fineness of the IOXIO rod, i.e. how high the amount of grain per square centimetre is. The higher the value, the lower the grinding effect of the wetz rod and the finer the wetz rod.ab.

Our IOXIO ceramic rods are available in different grains from F360/J800 to f1300/J4000..

Granulation Usage Feature




Sharpes dull knives blue Ceramic

IOXIO sharping rod Blue



continues re-sharpening,finishing white Ceramic

IOXIO sharping rod White



japanease knives, finishing lightblue Ceramic

IOXIO sharping rod Ultrafine



and higher

japanease knives, finishing, Knife Lovers brokenwhite

IOXIO sharping rod Origin

For the perfect selection of the wetzstab, this means:

  • Low grain size: very dull knives / blunt knives
  • High grain size: for regular sharpening of the blade / fine-grinding

In 2007 IOXIO launched the world's first ceramic duo sharping rod which combines two different grains in one rod. Sharpening and finishing have been possible since then with a single ceramic rod.